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Oct 09, 2017
In Monthly Training Topics
October Training. Many thanks to all who came to training last week. We had a great crowd with 22 people in attendance! Sgt. Opitz of the Apex Police Department did an outstanding job making a potentially very dry topic a whole lot of fun. We will work toward finding a time to practice with real cars *gulp*. Since we didn't have time to cover everything, I wanted to post some of the scenarios from the training here for your comments. Scenario #1: You are directing people toward a line to get into an indoor event. A woman who has been waiting in line for a long time starts to mutter to others that you don't know how to do your job. a. What should you do? b. What if someone did push you out of the way and move past you? What would you do? c. What if the person started pushing others in line? What would you do?


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