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Central North Carolina Search and Rescue (CNCSAR) is a specialized subset of Apex CERT, whose members are North Carolina-certified search and rescue professional volunteers.


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Who We Are

The mission of Search and Rescue (SAR) teams is to locate and return lost,
missing, or endangered persons to safety. Five (5) SAR disciplines are
deployed by North Carolina Emergency Management:

  • Urban (USAR) / Confined Space

  • Swiftwater SAR

  • NCHART (Helo-Aquatic Rescue)

  • Mountain / High-Angle SAR

  • Wilderness SAR 

CNCSAR is a wilderness SAR team. "Wilderness" is generally defined as more than an hour from civilizatin or immediate assistance. Wilderness SAR teams must be able to operate in all terrain, seasons, weather conditions, day or night. Specialized training and skills of SAR teams include:

Advanced land navigation
(day & night)

Clue awareness

Tracking & sign cutting

Lost person behavior and psychology

Operating with K9 and
drone assets

Wilderness first aid

Emergency / backcountry survival

Maintain communications in remote areas

Technical rescue
(ropes / knots / litters)

Wildlife awareness

Rapid establishment of ICS command structure

Weather awareness

How We're Organized

CNCSAR's parent organization is Apex CERT. We are a specialty sub-team of normal folks with a wide variety of "day jobs" in energy, medicine, education, IT, emergency response, emergency management, and more. We all have a commn interest in areas relating to the outdoors (camping / hiking), wildlife (fishing / birding), veterinary / equestrian, backcountry exploration, and survival. As a team, we meet at least once a month, train regularly, and deploy when requested by NC Emergecy Management (NCEM) or local law enforcement. 
There are three membership types on the team: General Member, Active Member, and CNCSAR Responder. The different levels are obtained by time on the team, training, and certifications. 

In order to become a CNCSAR Responder, individuals must complete the NCEM class, NC-8100: Land Search Field Team Member, or the equivalent of NASAR's SARTECH II training. The is a ~60-hour training in the classroom and the field, and includes skills assessments, a written test, and a mock search.


Join US!

  • Check out our Facebook page

  • Email us

  • We meet the first Tuesday of each month at Apex Fire Station #3 (736 Hunter St.)

  • Everyone is welcome, regardless of SAR experience!

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